Face of the Sun

by Face of the Sun

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released September 7, 2010

All music by Ron Arra Jr. & Brian Viglione
Vocals & Guitar: Ron Arra Jr.
Drums: Brian Viglione
Lyrics: Ron Arra Jr.

Chris Eskola plays bass on all tracks except "Psychic Gravity"
Brian Viglione plays keyboard and guitar on "Evermine"

Drums recorded by Martin Bisi at B.C. Studios (Brooklyn, NY)
All other instruments recorded by Ron Arra Jr. (Allston, MA)

Produced by Brian Viglione
Mixed by Benny Grotto at Mad Oak Studios (Allston, MA)
Mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering (Newton, MA)

Photo of Brian Viglione by Konstantin Sergeyev
Artwork by Brittany Leigh Dean - wix.com/cors3t/BrittanyLeighDean



all rights reserved


Face of the Sun New York, New York

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Track Name: Walking Angel
You turned around and I knew
With all your flavored perfume
And how nice you can make me feel
And how nice you can make me real
The question is not how I see you
Itʼs how I miss you
Youʼre like an angel
Iʼm in love
You feel the same as I do
We wonʼt rest easy weʼre nude
And howling we will part the sea
Iʼll never say thereʼs no truth
And youʼre like a walking angel
Please save me
Track Name: Earthquake
Life! Life: Taken away from me
Time! Time: Becoming part of me
Why? Why, why did you follow me?
Try! Try, try to keep all of me
Sign! Sign, drive right inside of me
Bye! Bye, too much control of me
Night! Night, night is where we can feel fine
Fine, it feels makes me feel
Quiet! Quiet: Leave me alone and sleep
Fire! Fire: Nightmares that burn in me
Higher! Higher: Fire is all of me
Liar! Liar, liar is making me
Tired! Tired, tired of faking it
Style! Style, style has shame in it
Quiet! Quiet: Fires for me to feel fine
Fine, it feels makes me feel
Oh yeah, thatʼs what Iʼm talking 'bout baby
Thatʼs what Iʼm talkin 'bout
Give me a sign, give me a life, give me disease, gimme a knife
Give me a fight, give me a prize, give me the time, give me a cry, give me a try
Nothing! You canʼt tell, watch me burn and I wonʼt tell
Something! You canʼt see, watch me burn and I wonʼt see
Nothing! You canʼt hide, catch me burn and I wonʼt hide
Nothing! Your suicide, watch me burn and I wonʼt die
Nothing! You canʼt die, watch me burn and I wonʼt die
Wonʼt die, wonʼt die, wonʼt die...

Weʼre the only chance we got...
Track Name: Cotton Candybar
I can never see the world through rosy-colored glasses
Iʼve got style, Iʼve got class, and Iʼve got nothing left for losses
Iʼve got needles, Iʼve got pins, and Iʼm here dripping like molasses
Iʼve got beetles on the leaves, and all the trees they have accost us
Here I am, a victim of a world that never caused us to believe what we donʼt see
And all the silence is around us
I fall down
Track Name: Shapeshifter
How long will we love?
Our favorite song, playing along
Iʼm learning to turn into what I can feel
Time, it starts to steal, and it makes me
Donʼt follow
What brings me to do
The things I used to use, to make something
Feel new
The truth to
What sends us there
What can we repair?
What can we do?
Sleep, like babies
Cry, like shy guys floating
Fly away
Track Name: Rain Won't Stop
Hey, son
Hey, mom
Hey, you
Tried and true
Hey, all
Back and through
Leave you
All gone
Past is you
Itʼs too much left for me
Never can I wait to see
Whatʼs come inside
Whatʼs left behind
And even if I donʼt know
And even if I canʼt see
Whyʼd you come into my life
I Waited for you
Let Me Out
Track Name: The Fight
Track Name: Evermine
If there was evermine
Return to this to time time
When I can never dream about what someone close to me is feeling
Iʼm trapped again
Iʼm lied to
I Feel like I donʼt really care
Whoʼs to blame or what is there
You left me something here new
Canʼt come further than through
Even when Iʼm not high, Iʼm still waiting here
Itʼs not the way itʼs supposed to be
Canʼt you see itʼs eating me?
Wrapped up tight, it slowly flows
No oneʼs told and I donʼt know
This is me, itʼs all I know
Wrapped up tight, I slowly flow
Everywhere I see will show
Iʼm still weak, and Iʼm still cold
You left me something here new
Canʼt come further than through
Even when Iʼm not high, Iʼm still waiting here
Track Name: Psychic Gravity
Here I am
In the line, waiting
Anxiously I can feel myself transcending to another place
Another state of mind
Part of me is embarrassed of my desires
And the other part that brought me here to this place
Never before seen by our being until this day
This day will change our lives forever
Our people as a complete structure of this universal scene
That stretches our imagination, and expands our consciousness
To a place that we will end up fearing
And becoming more than we can ever profit from
Iʼm starting to feel affected by the people surrounding me
I can feel each of us collectively feeding, and receiving off of our energies
Itʼs starting to grow stronger now
And there is a pulse to this
It feels like infinite waves of life

Hey - I - My - God

Keeping up at this pace has changed me
And I can never be the same
I wonder what happened to the naive
Track Name: The Lives of Man
I feel lost
I wanna say
Iʼll make it
Love me, just donʼt hate it
Like he wants to fake it
Shining wants to shake it
Nothing gonna take it
I can never make it
Baby wants to say that I can never be the one who lives the lives of man
Bring it back
I feel it alone breathing in me
Why canʼt I become what I believe?
Track Name: Can It!